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Defend Social Worker Norbert Ferencz

Norbert Ferencz is a social worker in Hungry. He has been dragged before the courts for defending rough sleepers, the homeless and the poor. For speaking out against a new law to criminalise rough sleepers he has been charged with 'incitement' and is facing a three year prison sentence. As a social worker, Norbert was following the International Federation of Social Work's definition of social work as an activist occupation that confronts social injustices. The Hungarian Code of Ethics for social workers also makes it clear that practitioners have a duty and a responsibility to inform the public of the growth of poverty and inequality and the state's responsibility to address these problems.

We demand that the Hungarian authorities drop all charges against Norbert who was merely following Point 11 of the Hungarian Code of Ethics which states that "social workers [should] facilitate change through their activities and professional stance"

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